The following rules are intended for your safety, comfort and convenience and that of your fellow passengers and those who will enjoy the coach after you:

  • Do not distract or disturb the driver unnecessarily
  • Comply to all reasonable requests and instructions from the driver
  • Use safety belts where fitted
  • Be aware of emergency exits and the position and use of safety equipment
  • Do not place heavy or sharp objects in the overhead luggage racks, and place luggage in the overhead luggage racks with care so as to not damage the interior of the bus
  • Consult the driver for additional luggage or souvenir space in the coach
  • Do not stand on steps or near doors while the coach is in motion
  • Do not embark or disembark while the coach is in motion
  • Use the coach and equipment with care and respect (ask for assistance if required)
  • Use toilet only in emergencies and leave it in a clean and hygienic condition
  • Do not smoke in the coach
  • Take extra care when consuming red wine and dairy products in the coach
  • Place un-wanted litter, empty containers and wrappings in litter bags supplied
  • Remove valuables and personal belongings from the coach while unattended
  • Take care when placing luggage or objects (unattended) near or against the coach

  • Weapons and dangerous or hazardous items/substances are not allowed in the coach
  • Do not cause offence or injury to fellow passengers or damage to their property
  • Ensure that cup-holders are closed when not in use
  • Do not place feet on the arm rests or seats, use the foot rests provided
  • All electronic adjustments will be made by the driver only.

The driver will abide by the rules and regulations of the road (Road Traffic Act) and Company policy, and may not:

  • Exceed speed of 100 kph or speed suitable for the road and weather conditions
  • Disregard road traffic signs under any circumstances
  • Use a mobile (cell) phone while driving (coach in motion)
  • Guide while in control of a coach with more than eight passenger seats
  • Deviate from the route as per confirmed itinerary without company authority
  • Drive on roads or enter terrain/premises not suitable or safe for coaches
  • Allow unauthorised passengers on the coach and Allow passengers in excess of the authorised number of seats on the coach.