Protours present their drivers with pride – they are all professional, knowledgeable and experienced. They are always neatly dressed in either the company's formal or informal uniform. They are hand-picked and recruited by means of a proven scientific method. Our drivers also have to undergo training before being introduced into service on the following modules:

  • • Comprehensive background on how the tourism and travel industry operates as well as the handling of tourists and passengers;
  • Driver appearance and behaviour;
  • Driving techniques (defensive driving, economical driving and driver safety );
  • The vehicles' condition through TLC ability;
  • The safe, comfortable, reliable and economical utilization of each coach type;
  • Coach drivers are subjected to regular refresher courses;
  • Coach drivers are recognised for their achievements such as the Million Kilometre Award, Long Service Award, and the prestigious Driver of the Year award.

Our staff is trained professionally at Buscor Development, Maccauvlei (www.maccauvlei.co.za) and Gerotek (www.gerotek.co.za).